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Virtual Assistance in the world

The Virtual Assistance was born in the United States, in 1992 by Stacy Brice. In 1997, she starts to offer her services as Coach for Virtual Assistants through his company: AssistU.

In 1995 was set up 
IVAA, company founded by  Christine Durst. In 1999 they became the First Organization for Virtual Assistants 

Secretary Bureau was set up in 1996 by Marcela Frugoni. This was the first company of Virtual Assistance in the Spanish-speaking world. In 1999, it becomes Bureau Red and starts training Secretaries, Personal Assistants and Middle Management positions  in different organizations. Since 2001, we have been providing Training Services for Virtual Assistants.

Today, many companies offer Virtual Assistance Training. However, through the years it has been proved that in United States, Canada, Australia, India and the Spanish-speaking world every Virtual Assistant should be certified, consequently being trained, in order to guarantee the excellence in the services they provide to their clients.

It is also a condition that they agree to abide to the Code of Ethics which will unite them and offer them support.


In 92, I made a huge change. I moved myself out of the agency environment and into my own home office. I worked as an outside contractor for the agency, providing my clients with the travel planning and personal assistance they most needed. All of this was done virtually. My client base was international. I was a Virtual Assistant, but didn't realize it, yet. Stacy Brice

From her rural home in Connecticut, Christine Durst founded the Virtual Assistance industry in 1995. She believed the Internet could open her door to global business, and she was correct. With Michael Haaren, she co-founded Staffcentrix and IVAA separately but simultaneously -- with the intention of staying at the helm of the former and turning the latter over to its members as soon as membership reached meaningful numbers. IVAA was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1999 and became officially recognized as a 501(c)(6) on February 2, 2001 with 28 members. Since then, IVAA's membership has grown to more than 600, in 16 countries. Collectively they conduct business worldwide, via the Internet. The Board of Directors is now comprised of five officers and five directors-at-large. Christine Durst




I created the VBSS (Virtual Business Startup System) to be that much needed support for Virtual Assistants worldwide. In 1997, when I first became a Virtual Assistant, it was a tough struggle from start-up to success. It was a time-consuming mission to find even the smallest tidbit of information to answer the tiniest of questions I had revolving in my head regarding starting up a Virtual Assistant business. Tawnya Sutherland


2010 - Professor Lauri Smedley, Business Division, Sacramento City College, CA, wrote:

Virtual Entrepreneurship
Creating and Operating a Home-based Online Business
Research E-mail:
Research Website


Dear Marcela,
Thank you for speading the word about my research to your VA colleagues. Your effort have been instrumental in putting this book together.
Lauri Smedley


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