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Virtual Assistance Course & Social Media Specialist

Currently Enrolling for the 21th Graduation Class

21th Class to Graduate as VA´s at Bureau Red

Starting date: April 15, 2014

l Aimed at: 
Secretaries, Assistants, Administrative staff in general, advertising professionals and entrepreneurs with real experience in their fields who, by training themselves as Virtual Assistants, may become owners of their own business, offering services to both local and international clients.

 l Objectives: 
- Acquire all necessary tools to develop their own Business.
- Improve and increase the Tools they’re currently using in their company.

A virtual Assistant:
- Contributes her/his experience in different areas of Business, such as specialized translations, graphic design, website development and maintenance, office Management, representations, substitutions, events organization, among many other activities.
- Creates a work alliance with her/his client, providing ideas, solutions and her own business vision, in order to contribute to the growth of both her client’s Business and her own activity.
- Becomes a micro-entrepreneur to get an insight of her client’s business and increase her own. 

l Vision:
There’s no coming back to old models, upcoming changes are so deep and extensive that it becomes crucial for any worker to have a “global vision and watch for the “signals of time” in order to anticipate to the “twists and turns of life” which will impact her/his own future work.

l Mission:
There are many options to tailor and optimize your SERVICES. The key is to find what makes your service different, and then transfer that difference and apply it in benefit of your customers, either INTERNAL or EXTERNAL.

- Your internal customer will need these tools as a result of globalization and the great amount of limitless business arising in the world today.
 Your external customer is any person who can benefit from your tailored services, taking into account the image of the company.  The orientation towards personalized marketing lies on the fact that you have to place yourself in your client’s mind, in order to identify which of your services meet their needs. You will need to obtain the necessary tools to reach them and build customer loyalty. Develop through your own strategies a plan to insert yourself in this new work culture. This will allow you to find your niche within the Global Market.

l Blended Learning Education
This is a new training concept. With this method, an on-line instructor will guide you to access the best of the virtual World and the fundamental tools for the Virtual Assistance.

l Course methodology: 
- Virtual Assistance Letters (VAL): all the material for the 4 subjects will be available for you through a personal access to our Virtual Campus. Strategic Planning and E-Marketing – Information Technology - Management
 - Conference room: The instructors will teach their classes in our virtual conference room. In order to participate, you need to download to your computer Adobe Flash Player 10.

l Final Test: 
At the end of the course, a test on Professional Ethics should be submitted.

l Certification:
Bureau Red will certify your training as Virtual Assistant. Once certified, you will join the group VABureauRed, in order to continue your training and teamwork with the rest of the certified VA's from Bureau Red.
With the objective of contributing to the launch of your business, Bureau Red
 will offer you a space in this website to promote your services, once you have passed the final test.

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