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Virtual Assistance
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Bureau Red trains and unites the Virtual Assistants from Latin America and Europe, building a group of excellence in the Spanish-speaking World.  


  • Bureau Red trains Spanish-speaking Virtual Assistants around the world.
  • We offer a special directory for you to choose your Virtual Assistant.
  • Offers its Code of Ethics to endorse the work of every Virtual Assistant certified by Bureau Red.
  • Supports its Virtual Assistants by constantly updating their knowledge on Management, e-Marketing y New Technologies.
  • Helps its Virtual Assistants by promoting strategic alliances among themselves.

Virtual Assistance  general services:

  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Power Point presentations
  • E-mail management
  • Meetings Management
  • Events organization
  • Setting trip reservations
  • Products and services representation offices in different countries around the World
  • Legal address and telephone support in different countries around the World
  • General Assisting services to Lecturers and Speakers
  • Telephone support through virtual telephone lines in any place in the World the customer needs

Sworn-Public and Private Translations:

  • Translation of literary texts
  • Translation of business texts
  • Translation of legal texts
  • Translation of medical texts

Website design:

  • Website management: material Management, database updates, etc.
  • Newsletter design
  • Website design and branding

Text writing and editing:

  • Report making
  • Book transcriptions
  • Audio transcriptions into text

e-marketing services:

  • Internet searches and investigation
  • Spreading of websites through e-marketing actions: Electronic bulletins, press releases, article preparation for other sites, Adwords campaign administration, etc.


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