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Welcome to the world of the Virtual Assistance

From this point on, you count on all the necessary tools to monitor your Business in Argentina and the World.

How? With a service tailored to your needs.

One or more highly qualified Executive Assistants trained by Bureau Red will virtually take care of your Business, on a part-time or full-time basis.

Something to highlight: the cost will be optimized so you can enjoy the benefits of this service for a similar fee to the salary of an executive assistant, according to your location. This is a clear advantage.

We are your best cost-cutting option if your objective is to maintain the excellence and professionalism of your organization!

Bureau Red is the first and only Company in Latin America to offer the Virtual Assistance Course in Spanish.

Bureau Red trains and offer services to Professional, Assistants, Secretaries and Middle Management positions in Latin America and Europe  since 1996.

If you wish to know more about this tools we kindly invite you to visit Bureau Red’s Virtual Campus, where you’ll have access to interviews to the certified VA’s from our company.

All Certified VA’s from Bureau Red agree to abide to a Code of Ethics as a condition to be members, and they share the Group VABureauRed. The Group VABureauRed is a space of exclusive access where the VA's join in groups and continue training themselves on a continuous basis.


Please contact us if you wish to receive more information!


Remote-working Virtual assistants: secretaries that do not occupy an office
11th June, 2006

Goodbye Executive Assistant! Hello Virtual Assistants!
18th July, 2007


On May we celebrate the International VA’s day

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