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FAQ's in the Virtual Assistance

Why do I need a Virtual Assistant? 
Has your company grown exponentially? Has this fact meant that you are under pressure and short of time? As a result, do you need help without increasing the costs of your payroll? What’s the solution?

The Virtual Assistance!

A Virtual Assistant (VA - Virtual Assistant) is an entrepreneur who offers her/his services on an outsourced basis, offering support to all Administrative and Technical Areas. The VA is an independent contractor, so she/he will not be employed as regular staff by your company. This means she will invoice hours according to the project, thus optimizing costs for your company.

A VA is the perfect solution for businessmen or independent professionals. She covers the tasks of an “in-house” assistant, but with the ADVANTAGE of working from her own office, being trained for her position and having all necessary equipment to perform her tasks with excellence. (This is where the cost reduction becomes evident in the first stage)

Why should a Virtual Assistant be certified?
As in every working atmosphere, we need to trust the abilities of those who work with us. All around the world standards for VA's have been created and Vas should meet hose standards in order to assure a service based on excellence and customer satisfaction.

That’s the reason why we take the risk of hiring the services of a certified VA: this is a guarantee that she will perform her duties professionally both at a human and technical level. The services of a VA are endorsed through the references her/his own clients provide, as well as a constant flow of work with them.

What are the benefits of hiring a VA?
With the advent of new technologies and new ways of doing Business, the industry of the Virtual Assistance was born to assist you along the way at the specific moment you require it. To exemplify this point, following you will find some benefits of hiring a VA:

1. Comprehensive Service
A VA can be multi-tasking in terms of administrative work, design and marketing, etc. For example, she can work on word processing, document design and creation using different tools, accounting and finance tasks (both personal and businesslike), database maintenance, events and travel organization, marketing, public relations, etc. A VA can deliver all sorts of tasks so as to become an active team member and contribute to your business growth.

2. Taylor made Services
If you need to type a letter, transcribe a document or follow up a long-term Project, design a website or increase your clients database, the VA will help you carry out these tasks on a one-time contractual basis, for short, middle or long term projects. Whatever your need, a relationship of mutual benefit will be established with your VA.

3. Round-the clock Bilingual Assistance, no geographical boundaries
A VA is always available, even when his client is at the office, at home or on holiday. She will use new Technologies to set a continuous workflow and an ongoing communication both at local and International locations.

4. Cost-cutting
By hiring a VA, you’ll save on tax, insurance, social security taxes, paid holidays, annual bonus and office equipment. A VA is a freelance worker, so you don’t need to employ her/him; she/he will assist you only for the time you need her.

5. Highly Trained on Business Management
The VA's are independent professionals who have worked in the corporate world, in big or medium-sized companies. They count on their experience and have been highly trained in the necessary skills to meet the needs of nowadays’ professionals and businessmen.

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