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Code of Ethics for Virtual Assistants Certified by Bureau Red

Bureau Red’s Standard of Excellence, Ethics and Professional Exercise.

Bureau Red backs and promotes standards of excellence, ethics and behavior from Virtual Assistants that have trained at our company.

Please find below our Standard of Excellence, Ethics and Professional Exercise, which guides the conduct of each Virtual Assistant in our community.

We are convinced that these standards are an integral part of the integrity and growth of the Virtual Assistant profession in Bureau Red.

Ethics Commitment
As a professional Virtual Assistant, I accept and commit to my ethical responsibility towards clients, colleagues and to myself. I accept to behave responsibly, with the highest level of integrity and commitment. I will not knowingly cause damage to myself, to those I associate myself with or to the Virtual Assistance Profession.

Standard of Excellence

1. I am sensitive to cultural values and beliefs, and I value diversity, accepting that other peoples’ values are as valid as mine are.

2. I exercise integrity, honesty and confidentiality, while complying with the dual obligation to myself and my clients.

3. I acknowledge my limitations, and will only provide services and/or use technology based on my present level of competence.

4. I will clearly inform the terms of our commercial agreement at the beginning of any commercial relationship, and will clarify what each party expects from the other.

I. I accept total responsibility for the work rendered, accepting mistakes and correcting them immediately.
II. I will not abuse the authority trusted to me by my clients.
III. My clients’ interests are very important to me.
IV. I shall not use commercial information obtained as a result of professional activity.

5. I shall keep my personal and professional knowledge up to date, and will continue my training to ensure that the necessary experience will be available whenever required.

6. I shall be part of the Support Net helping out with my knowledge, abilities and professional experience to other Virtual Assistants, to enlarge the community, and to help grow the professional understanding and abilities of the Virtual Assistant profession.

7. I shall strive to strengthen the public awareness and acceptance on Virtual Assistance excellence.

8. I shall not knowingly damage the professional reputation or practice of another Virtual Assistant.

There’s no coming back to old models, upcoming changes are so deep and extensive that it becomes crucial for any worker to have a “global vision" and watch for the “signals of time” in order to anticipate to the “twists and turns of life” which will impact her/his own future work.

Among our certified VA's we count with members in: Argentina - Bolivia - Ecuador - España - Perú - Puerto Rico - México - Portugal - Sudáfrica - Uruguay and USA

If you want to be member of VABureauRed's Group, please contact us: (click)

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